Trade Schools in Rwanda give technical and vocational

education to vulnerable young people. They provide students

with training that will enable them to support themselves

and their families.


CEFORMI, (Centre de Formation Micro-industrial) a high

level trade school is run by the church in Kigali. They provide

impoverished students aged between 18 and 26, with skills

that include building, carpentry, plumbing, metalwork,

electrical installation, sewing and motor engineering.


Rwanda Direct has supplied CEFORMI and another trade

school with tools and money to buy tools. 

Scripture Union "Hope for the Future" is a programme

which focusses on the dangers and effects of HIV/AIDS. This programme is taken into schools, colleges and universities by S.U.'s Youth Worker. Often it is the pupils themselves that educate their fellow pupils - an effective tool in countering the dangers of HIV/Aids. 


Christian Unions. S.U. goes into schools, colleges, and universities supporting and encouraging their Christian unions. 


Ipswich & District Rwanda Direct members make presentations in schools and churches. 

Those attending are made aware of the various needs of individuals and communities in Rwanda, and how Rwanda Direct helps those Christian organisations who facilitate these various initiatives. People are encouraged to get involved both prayerfully and practically. 

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