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REV’D CANON PAUL DALTRY – Chairman. Trustee.

Paul who had a background as an Environmental Health Officer, went to Rwanda in 1983 and worked with the Anglican Church. He developed a project which trained local Health Workers in many aspects of preventative medicine which they then taught in their communities. On returning to the UK in 1989, he trained for Ordination and served as a Curate then a Vicar in Suffolk before becoming Minister for Church and Community Engagement in Ipswich. Then he was Priest in Charge of four churches on the Essex coast before retiring in 2019 and moving to Cumbria.

BARBARA WILLINGHAM – Treasurer. Trustee.

Following a visit to Rwanda in 2008 organised through Rwanda Direct I became the treasurer in January 2010.  Having met so many of the people and projects we support it is great to see how the relatively small amount of monies we have been able to send can make such a difference to.

JEAN DALTRY – Secretary. Trustee

Jean Daltry was a Missionary and Mum in Rwanda in the 1980s so knows the country well, both from the past and from more recent visits. Returning to the UK in 1989, she went back to work as a School Nurse specialising in the care of children and young people with special needs. Since taking early retirement she has been able to commit more time to supporting the work of the church in East Africa from the UK. She became Secretary to Rwanda Direct in 2012.

ANDREW ISLES - Trustee. 

Andrew Isles has been a partner in an accountancy practise since 1989.  Andrew trained with London-based accountants before moving into commerce.  After nine years valuable experience outside accountancy, he returned to the profession at Partner level in 1989.  He is experienced in tax planning.

Andrew is also a qualified Community and Youth worker and a trained counsellor. After a visit to Rwanda in 2008 he became a Trustee of the Charity and has devoted, along with the other trustees and committee members, time to raise finance and give support to organisations in Rwanda that meet the objectives of the Charity.


Through hearing a presentation about Rwanda Direct I was inspired to become involved. Later I went on a group visit to Rwanda, which was a life changing experience. It was amazing to see so much joy regardless of their circumstances. God is very much at work in that country!



Evariste, a Rwandan, is a Social Worker in Suffolk. Before coming to the UK, he was involved in building the perimeter wall at Scripture Union Rwanda in Kigali, which was sponsored by Rwanda Direct. He is a valuable member of the committee, able to give first-hand experience of the work and to encourage other people to get involved. 

JO LACEY - Committee Member

Jo has worked as a registered Specialist Community Public Health Nurse in the NHS and abroad for over 30 years, and has led community development projects both at home and abroad. It is the insight and experience gained from a remarkable  Christian 'working holiday' to Rwanda in 2018, that really opened her eyes to the county's courage, faith, resilience and absolute  beauty.  Joining Rwanda Direct has helped enabled Jo to continue her personal and spiritual journey.'

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