Christian Theological Education

Rwanda Direct believes that it is the Church in Rwanda

that should set its own priorities, not people in the UK!

Whenever we have asked Archbishops, Bishops and other

leaders what is the most important need in supporting the

Church financially in Rwanda we always get the same reply

"Theological Education". However it is not popular with funders

from the west who tend to favour development and aid projects,

particularly those for children. It's hard to raise support for

theological education. 

The Church in Rwanda understand that theological education

provides the foundations for all that it wants to do. This is not

a limited 'spiritual' view of theology which we often hear about

in the west but a holistic understanding that touches every

area of life. 

This work is at the very core of Rwanda Direct; it is the key that opens so many doors for the growth of the church in Rwanda.  Rwanda Direct supports theological education in a number of different ways. 

Kigali Anglican Theological College (KATC) The largest regular grant goes to KATC where the current Director, Canon Antoine Rutayisire has developed an innovative modular training course for pastors which integrates much practical application along with the theory. There is no false divide between spiritual and physical, so all of life is covered! The impact of this training is incredible and trans-formative. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant pieces of applied theological education in the world today. 

However its buildings are limited and the building of its new 3 storey dormitory has stalled. With it maybe the student numbers could increase 4  times - what an impact that could be. COULD YOU HELP THROUGH RWANDA DIRECT?

Grants to Scripture Union allow existing leaders to be supported across many denominations, Bible reading notes to be produced for 10s of thousands of Christians and Sunday School teachers to receive training. 

Individual scholarships are also given, currently to Byumba diocese. Rev James Ndamyumugabe recently finished his Master of Education and has returned to Kigeme diocese as Head of the Bible School and Education. 

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