In Kigeme and Kigali dioceses there are new Missionary

Parishes where the practical needs of people are address

along with bible teaching, for instance Literacy groups for

women and bee keeping projects for adults with HIV/AIDS

to help them make a living. In Byumba diocese there is a

project caring for the Batwa who are a hugely disadvantaged

group as well as the Hannah Project caring for children

affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Good bible teaching is at the heart of all of the work of

Scripture Union (S.U.) Rwanda

S.U. Summer Camps: Every year S.U. holds a camp in a

different province of the country where S.U. members come

together for week of Prayer and Evangelism.


Rwanda Direct regularly supports these camps. 


Production and Promotion of Bible Reading Notes: Enabling people to read the Bible with understanding is an important tool that S.U. use to preach the good news of God's kingdom.  Each year the Bible Ministry Team write Bible reading notes which are carefully edited and then printed. Then teams of S.U. staff go around the country promoting the use of the notes and encouraging people to grow in their faith. This department is also engaged in evangelistic activities such as organising crusades. It motivates local committees established in 42 localities of the country, gathering Christians from different denominations. The ministry also translates Christian booklets and makes them available to the public, together with other Christian books. 

Youth Camps: S.U. Youth ministry organise Youth Camps every year which bring together s.u. students representatives from around the country to discuss and share the word of God and also discuss how they can reach out to young people in schools. Youth Ministry also Called "Hope for the Future", is mainly involved in fighting HIV / AIDS amongst the youth, and in delivering 

messages of hope to those who are already infected or affected. The target group is especially the youth in secondary schools and universities and is reached through a series of organised visits and seminars. 

Children's Camps: S.U. recognises that children are the church of tomorrow. Therefore S.U. organises various activities for evangelisation among children, including camps during the school holidays in various places around the country. Also S.U. prepares materials (such as children's story books) used to bring the word of God to the children. 


Married Couple Seminars: S.U. organises couples meetings every three months. Married 

couples come together to pray, to discuss issues related to marriage and to share tips on how to live happy Christian lives as married couples. 

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