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Capital Projects are not a regular commitment, but every now and again God has enabled us to assist in significant support.

Scripture Union (SU)

SU Rwanda is an interdenominational Christian association operating in Rwanda since 1969 which reaches out to the community with the love of God. SU has many facets to its’ work across the country, including:-

  • Bible Ministries through training - Bible camps, retreats, seminars for all ages

  • Bible Guides/Cards – writing and publishing Bible reading notes

  • Schools Ministry – Christian Unions in schools including education of young people about HIV and Aids, youth camps

  • Neighbourhood Clubs - Values Education e.g. Christian Marriage 

  • Work with those at risk – Vulnerable children and families

  • Children/Youth Ministry Leadership Training – for Sunday School and Youth leaders

  • Providing accommodation and a warm Christian welcome for all their visitors, individuals or conference groups

  • Bookshop & Library


Capital Projects

SU headquarters are in a large plot of land close to the centre of Kigali in what has become a very high value area.  Rwanda Direct does not normally contribute to large capital projects but the value of the work of SU and its position in central Kigali had to be protected. Some of their existing buildings required extensive modernisation.  In previous years Rwanda Direct had contributed to the construction and build of the kitchen and to a perimeter wall which was a government requirement. Without these works it would have been deemed impractical and unsustainable  to continue in these premises.


In Kigali land can be reclaimed without recourse by the government and in 2008 S.U. still faced the prospect of losing their land as it was not all in use. Rather than lose this prime site, they decided in faith to build a new facility which would meet the needs of SU as a Prayer and Retreat House. It would also be a suitable location to hire for conferences, weddings and other bookings, with accommodation which is much in demand. All the forecasts for the new building predicted a sustainable income which will allow Scripture Union to carry on its good work.


Fund raising commenced in 2010 and an initial £50,000 was raised by Rwanda Direct specifically for this project. This enabled plans to be drawn and foundations laid. Work commenced late in 2013. The money raised inspired Scripture Union to actively look for further external funding for the project, including a large bank loan. Rwanda Direct helped raise over £70,000 including a grant from the Laing Trusts. The building was opened in 2018 and the loan is being repaid from the income that is now being generated.


You Tube Clip of early construction

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