In Kigeme diocese prayer was so important that the then Bishop,

Augustine Mvunabandi, recruited a staff member called Margaret, 

as she had a specific prayer ministry. She had a small prayer room in

the diocesan offices where she spent every day in prayer for

the work of the diocese listening to God, sharing what she has

perceived and interceding for the work of the Lord. She has now

retired, but her work is carried on by four young Anglican nuns, who

pray daily for the work of the Church. Can we learn from this?

Join with us supporting our Rwandan brothers and sisters in

prayer. Be encouraged to hear of how God answers. Prayer


Check here for regular (hopefully monthly) updates with prayer

requests direct from Rwanda. Join us if you can at our

monthly Rwanda prayer meetings -all supporters welcome! 

When? 1st Tuesday of each month from 8.00 till 9.00pm. 


Where? 13 Tovells Road, Ipswich (the home of Jonathan & Leigh Parratt). To check for details do email 

Latest prayer requests: ......

- Corona Virus: in light of the current worldwide situation, pray for protection for Rwanda and other poor sub-Saharan nations from the impact of the pandemic. Hospital facilities are nothing like as available as ours!

- Rwanda now has local lockdowns as the government tries to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus particulalry in Kigali.  However the controls are causing economic hardship and widespread hardship particularly in the churches..

- News on August 25th - Rwanda now has 3306 cases of corona virus (C19) up from 200+ in May, 14 deaths when there had been none in mid May. Please continue to PRAY that the government can find all the C19 cases, that the poor will be fed, those with HIV/Aids will be able to take their drugs and our partner institutions like Scripture Union and Kigali Anglican Theological College will remain financially viable. Please PRAY!

- Byumba Diocese

  • Pray for Bishop Emmanuel and his responsibilities in leading a diocese with so few other people with the capacity to share the load. Pray for him as he selects someone to become Diocesan Administrator, particularly as he has had to lay off most of the Diocesan staff.

  • Pray for the work of the Hannah Project trying to support over 100 children (75% affected by HIV) with good meals (vital for anti-retroviral drugs to work) and other necessary care. - All made more difficult by the current coronavirus lockdown.

  • Pray for an increase in giving both from within Rwanda and via Rwanda Direct. We do not know of any other regular donors to Hannah Project.

  • Pray for the children living with such huge social deprivation, especially the child headed families like Ishimwe and his siblings. Pray for their safety and health and for emotional support too. Give thanks for the love of Christ that they experience through the staff at Hannah Ministries.

  • Pray for more Christians to be willing to give their time to care for these children, as Agnes (met on our recent visit) does.

  • Bishop Emmanuel of Byumba.wrote at end of March "Thank you for your prayers. Yes, things are tough here. The big issue is the survival of people who can't get food, including Hannah Ministry children. None is allowed to get out. Many used to survive from the income of everyday work which has now stopped."

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