In Kigeme diocese prayer was so important that the then Bishop,

Augustine Mvunabandi, recruited a staff member called Margaret, 

as she had a specific prayer ministry. She had a small prayer room in

the diocesan offices where she spent every day in prayer for

the work of the diocese listening to God, sharing what she has

perceived and interceding for the work of the Lord. She has now

retired, but her work is carried on by four young Anglican nuns, who

pray daily for the work of the Church. Can we learn from this?

Join with us supporting our Rwandan brothers and sisters in

prayer. Be encouraged to hear of how God answers. Prayer


Check here for regular (hopefully monthly) updates with prayer requests direct from Rwanda. Join us if you can at our

monthly Rwanda prayer meetings -all supporters welcome! 

When? 1st Tuesday of each month from 8.00 till 9.00pm. 


Where? Now held on Zoom. To check for details do email 

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Impact of Covid19

- Cases are sadly rising in JUly 21, deaths are increasing and there is fear in the country. over 50 local Lockdowns have shut churches and stopped most activity

- Pray that Rwanda’s test and trace systems will keep working, all outbreaks are picked up and that people will continue to be defended from the virus.

- Give thanks that the new East Africa Christian College has opened, but pray as due to Covid it has now had to shut. Pray for ability of staff to

go on line and deliver distance learning in the meantime.

- The consequences of Covid-19 restrictions for commerce, education and the Church are catastrophic. Pray particularly for the Church – most churches are still closed and offerings are only allowed to be given on-line – impossible for most!


Manneseh Bishop of Gahini recently wrote to us:

“On the welfare of Pastors, it is really hard. You know our Pastors are transferred regardless of their personal homes, and they depend on giving from local Christian's. These days are really harsh to our Pastors. Food is a problem and worse still, the months of October to early December are characterised by food insecurity in almost all families because planting starts in September and early yields are expected in December. Any help at this time would really be of great relief to our people. Again, we ask you to pray for us so that Covid pressure reduces otherwise the situation will get even worse.”

(See our Facebook page for more details.)


Scripture Union

  • Pray for Jean Baptiste as he leads the team and the organisation and for Eugenie assisting him. Once again it is shut due to Lockdown.

  • For the General Assembly members chaired by Bishop Augustin Mvunabandi, for wise decision making and support.

  • Due to lack of income – SU have had to make the difficult and painful decision to make 14 guest-house staff redundant – please pray for those who have lost their jobs and their families.

  • Please continue to pray for all the vital work of SU - all affected, all now stopped by Covid 19 restrictions:

    • For the work with Nurseries, Primary and Secondary aged children in schools and at SU camps.

    • For the Vulnerable Children’s programme

    • For training for Sunday School leaders and the production of suitable teaching materials.

    • For the writing of Bible reading notes for both children and adults and that they will be used to grow people’s faith.

    • For the growth and leadership of SU groups in Secondary schools and Universities.

    • For work with Couples and Widows groups

    • For success of the guest house

Hannah Ministry - Byumba Diocese

Pray for the over 100 children who are HIV positive and their often single parents who also are mostly HIV +ve. They live in great poverty and the Hannah team are helping them to keep healthy through the provision of food and love which enables them to take their life saving drugs. Without Hannah, many might die, and most would not be able to get to school. With lockdowns this ministry is threatenned.